Inspiring words

Let us, then, be up and doing 

With a heart, for any fate

Still achieving, still pursuing 

Learn to labor and to wait



A tear of loneliness was falling from her face. After a long time, Sarah feels like crying to herself in her luxurious office. She knows well – time to recover is long gone.
She is known to be the dare devil of stock market and if anyone would have seen her face would straightforward rejected the notion of her being the queen of modern times. What she didn’t know was she is been watched all time and her wellwisher is none other than her own CEO. James for his age is exceptionally talented and well ahead of all his counterparts be it intelligence, courage or looks. His way of turning the situation as per his need has always inspired the Sarah but she never in her wild dream thought James knew about her all along. 

Sarah tried to console herself, she wants to have some fresh air, some time away from this fight she is been fighting all her life. She decided to walk for terrace and as expected always she found James walking on it. She always feels the coincident of her meeting with James every time she get in trouble is higher calling just like her being given a extra ordinary power.

Walking towards him did make her relax a little. He asked like always how can I help you? She always love his voice and the shine in his eyes that he truely will do whatever she asks for. She replied – well for starting kill me and make sure I didn’t come out alive.

He looked towards her, she still can’t make out what he is thinking, and says amusingly give me some time I will put the research team on this matter and the copy will be at your desk for approval madam sarah.

Sarah gives a chuckle and gave a long look to the sky and said Too long james too long, anyways what are you doing here?

James : Waiting 

sarah (now with confused look) : for what?

james (he wanted to say you my love but resisted) : future mam

He always loves her, wanted to fight her war against himself and he accepted it ever since he met her – he can die and kill for her. 

Sarah again looked in the sky and with pain declared likewise james.


Various Stages of life – This is what many authors, economist, experts had described, organised and in many different ways yet they  are all fascinating and have a close grip with reality and now with your patience and comfort I will try to blend some more colour in it.

According to many belief and human psychology, whether you have heard of it or not, but I guarantee you – we all had experienced it firsthand, every work we do is divided into three stages as mentioned – Easy HARD Easy. Let’s take an instance- We all have learned to ride a bike once in our life, What actually are three stages in that? Well the first and foremost is we all started it with great deal of enthusiasm and wishful courage with no need to go into technicality. This is the stage we consider easy as it’s refreshing and not painful. Now the second whom many of us don’t complete most of the time is what I mentioned as HARD. It is where all the technicality and brain storming comes in, which we generally restrict and control as it’s painful. In learning to ride a bike –it means getting what’s under your hood, how much powerful your engine is and it’s basically kind of place where you can feel the attachment. Now the most extreme, final in nature, lifelong stage is Easy again. Well to basically solve the puzzle of your mind straightforward I would say when you had understand all the manuals of work, you now have no need to put effort for that as it’s all in your habit now.

 The most commonly I can relate you with this concept is through sports, we all love one or the other kind of it. We all Indians had played Cricket (international rule #1 one tip one hand out). Well the first and easy stage is where you just play –Bowler, batsman, fielder, wicket, ball, bat, that’s all, not a ball more not a ball less. It’s always refreshing.
Now the second stage is when we grew up and we started learning technicality – LBW, Free hit, yards between wickets, scoring system. This is the hard stage; people who generally cross that stage are expert in their field for instance businessman trading a product for last 20 years is expert in how to sell his product. Now comes the third phase – now once you understood the rule of cricket once twice or as many time as you can and experienced it also now it’s cherry on cake for you as now it will take less efforts as compared to 2nd stage and at the same time more fun than 1st stage.
So whenever you feel it’s hard I can’t do it, think again because it’s always going to get hard before it gets easy.
Stay motivated.

Rotating wheel

Once a student, very eagerly and energetically, asked his GURU why it is like a bad thing if happen with someone always going to happen with him. Don’t we all sometime deserve better and it’s not like jar of goodness can get empty? Guru Saheb looks him into the eyes for a long time; he wanted to teach him the old lesson in a new way, which indeed is a challenge for him too. He took a deep breath and said – Let me explain you this in a material form, we called it JEEVANCHAKRA. Whenever I mention it to you try to think of a wheel in your mind. This wheel of life can never be stopped, just like time, if it goes that way it just go that way, you have to accept it and better yet enjoy it.
Now my son, with wheel in your mind thinks of only two directions –one is what you think right is and the other where you don’t want your wheel to roll on. Whenever you do something in your life you are making this wheel of yours move either in this or that direction and when you are not doing anything this wheel moves automatically in that direction where you left it. This means time value of rotation also count, isn’t it? Nothing an example can’t do thus imagine two unknown people who live in two different part of world met with a same intensity of accident in every respect of their life. What happened is now one of them stopped the movement of its wheel in wrong direction and put it in other direction and after that in life he sits and relaxes and take that incident as for better but the other one finds it hard to get over its pain, fear, tension and find its peace in mud and thus his wheel never stopped rotating in that bad direction and with each passing time it get worse. That’s what life is all about, it’s not what is given to you it’s about what you have taken from it. My Son, life doesn’t teach you every second you live but only for once or twice and in that time you have to make sure you rotated your wheel in the right direction. More comfortably think why it’s hard for fat people to go for gym or control their diet while bodybuilder can do it easily, why it is easy for someone to remember so many things and too hard for someone else, why it is easy for someone to invent something and too hard for someone even to understand it? Think about it.
If that someone guy of yours can rotate its wheel in the direction he thinks is right, the rest could have been easy for him. 

Mutant part 1

It all starts with a revenge.

Sarah parker, an established business women, forbes youngest billionaire, one of her kind but not all knows what goes behind. She has an unimaginable power to give her hand any form she wants whether it’s hammer, machine gun or anything she can possibly think of.

When she was born, she was so ugly and disgusting her parents left her to die in a place considered less ugly then her but although it’s a big garbage can with shit of all kind. How does it make difference if we add one more – that’s what her mother point of argument was while she forced her husband to where should be throw her. Well the point of discussion is not what to do, that’s been dealt long back, now the matter in hand is where to throw her.

Against all odds, Sarah not only  survive but got the page written in the book of history. What her parents didn’t knew was she is among the very first mutant of this world and the starting of world’s biggest evolution human species have to witnessed yet. If they would had accepted their fate, she would not have need to do what she did or the side effect of what she thought.

She still remembers everything like someone had printed a HD movie on her brain, she dream about that every night  and still doesn’t get used to it.

She is calm and compose outside but wants a deadly revenge from her parents not for what they had done to her but because they didn’t killed him and left her to suffer for 25 years and many more to come.

While in her office, crying uncontrollably, she decided to take a peace walk to comfort herself…..


Can you please do it, said Anjali angrily on not getting what she wanted. She was raised and praised all her life, how she can be any different now. She looked at her boyfriend tired and lousy face and ordered – do it or else ..hmmm….do it.
Rahul gives a crazy look to a watch at his bedside in dim light and was so angry yet frightened to argue with her. He thought the clock is actually taunting him with both its fingers straight ahead and saying – you are fucked up bro. She rephrased again, this time more clear and bold, I think you are loosing interest in me, you don’t love me anymore.  She acted her crying face, increasing the emotion with every second until he did what he said. Impatiently he moved to do what he being ordered, she again directed excitedly make sure you wear protection before using it. She give a chuckle and went back to bed waiting.
Rahul grab “the thing” out of it’s cryo sleep, moved it well before it gets fully tight, used the protection and put it inside her for precisely one minute. He tried all this time to stay on his legs but he can’t. He had lost all his energy. She cried out loud – faster faster faster plz. He tried to gather all his energy back and grab it with both his hand and he decided this time it should be done in 30 seconds, he set the timer and started watching intensely as it started moving systematically and getting all hot. Finally he gets it out, give it a victory look and with all the power supply within him left ……………he switched off the microwave and serve his sweatheart a hot steamy coffee.

Extraordinary is new ordinary

There is a saying – World is what we see it.

I am not going to make any statement here, I will simply put a roasted chicken in front of you and then you have to decide – Is it tasty or wasty?
This world of ours, techno freak 21st century, have stuff either in too abundance or in too dearth. Our standards for ego, hope, want, greed are getting too high. Everything we want or need – we want it to be grand and heroic. Nowadays, small thing doesn’t fit in our lifestyle or to say it differently we want it all big. 
Let me help you pump your brain muscles with an instance – one and only, our humble abode, GOD. Here what I want you to tell is, what things now are and if they stop being that, will we still going to adopt it or react in a way we do now? For the start, we want GOD to be one heck of a magician otherwise he is not worth respecting. It should have an epic saga for us to clinch to otherwise how it can be any different from living being around me. What if someone comes up with a FACT that GOD’s are pure art of fiction and all that you remember is a puff of imagination of someone who is being followed and so forth? One thing I truly believe in is impossible will always inspire you first and then will kill you if you create your world around it.
To simplify let’s move towards the modern tale of extraordinary thing which we now consider very much ordinary -LOVE STORIES. We all have seen, felt, heard epic, great, sacrificing love stories that we will settle not for an inch less in a real world and the worst side effect is if we don’t get it we will be, sad then restless then anxiety and then panic then game over. This is the worst disadvantage of too much of something.
My father always used to say too much of anything is always bad. We all have set ourselves too much into this life that we find it hard to enjoy small things in life.
This is just not this generation even the parents of ours think and act this way. They want their children to be cute like poster babies, intelligent more than anybody in their class, stronger than the neighbors’ child or close relative, should be chulbul of dabang but also respectful. Well what the hell are you introducing – your child or new product in market and that’s not all, parents even plan for their children’s future even before they get the air of this real world, Is this putting your dream on their shoulder is right? That much pressure can only be taken by reckless careless child with the feeling of no strings attached and with that neither burden. 
So my question is are we expecting extraordinary stuff from others in our daily life because of watching them over and over again in TV, books, or by any other mean? The only thing I can think of is – We are demanding extraordinarily for very simple thing in our life and if we didn’t stop doing that no one and I mean not a single person can find his peace.


Be invincible

Learned and interpreted from The Digital Fortress, an amazing book from DAN BROWN but first the word of psychology :

We human tends to divide every complex subject into simple breakable parts so that we can decipher it. Be it technical highly advance code or simply day to day behavioural aspect. This is what we learned and what is humanly possible to uncomplicate thing. We intentionally or unintentionally always go first for the part which is the smallest or the easiest one.

If you want to make it hard for someone to interpret, do it, in a way, so that it can easily be categorised into different parts and then make the smallest or easiest part unbreakable by anonymously including it with no link to others and similarly put two or three more unlinked part to confuse.

For instance suppose you want to give your sister a surprise birthday party. What is the least she can expect from you – that you gonna wish or you may bring her a cake or you may throw her a party. In all of that the easiest thing for her is to know that you gonna wish her. Now you didn’t wish her – that is what we called easiest part being created in a way not expected hence unbreakable and now suppose you told her you are going out with friends on tracking – that is unlinked part. Call your friends in front of her for planning the tracking to add more unlinked part and BAMM give her a bday party she deserves.

Well we all know this, don’t we. 

Try to make rules when things are simple so that you can use them in much harder situation.


What if I say life you are living is not your’s, decisions you are making are not actually taken by you? What if I tell you life is actually a matrix in which you are just a pawn in a group of pawns. What if I tell you the controller of all of us, THE MENTALIST, is the one giving you order and you didn’t even know that you are being ordered in fact many of us die before knowing about him. Well we all are aware of him, some call him GOD, some circumstances, some combination of luck, life and coincidence.

Let me unlock the new road of thinking for you. I believe there is a GOD. All who think they already knew or those who think that’s bullshit, Let me tell you one thing if you read it till here I will surely suggest you to come with me till the end of the road before you decide something.

Well first of all, I too used to be NASTIK (non believer in GOD) but now I think God is here. To start with spot on – I feel it’s not human, it doesn’t have legs, eyes, heart, mind, its just there. Technically, it is the weighted average of mental power of all people combined living or dead or imaginative. For instance, suppose you went to haridwar kumb ka mela (Spiritual place) – How so ever NASTIK you are doesn’t matter you will end up with feeling never experienced before, electrifying, different and similarly if you are a cricket fan and watching the close end match you gonna feel the excitement at its best.

Considering both the feeling same, we can say GOD is at haridwar as much as he is at stadium. Well then how come GOD, if real, happens to like cricket in India and baseball in america, not logical I guess.

That somehow I guess prove their is no real God, but the fact that it do affect our work through the stick of coincident, magic, luck, or else ( Sorry I am no god I can’t think of more instances) proves something else is here with us but what it could be?
Think it like – Suppose you are not such a great fan of cricket and you are watching a match in stadium with colleagues just to have a good time Do you think you gonna enjoy the atmosphere of stadium?

Of course you will and that’s what psychologist called mental connection. Its kind of WI-FI created by your mind, like an invisible rays, which connect strong and fast and the most amazing thing is it can be password protected but the firewall is what you have to build yourself.

I would request you to consider GOD as power we all inhibit from our mind and not some kind of physical ancestor of our’s because one think I am sure about is that no ancestor of our’s is watching us from heaven and requesting for our well being to his superior as his wages for labor he do there. It’s all in mind, you see your grandfather picture and touch his feet out of respect even though you haven’t seen him in real life is the power of mind initiated from your family and sub consciously buys a plot in your mind and that too sea facing.